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Tue, 2013-06-18 14:22

Mapping v1.0 for Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.4 and
Novation 25 SLMKII with Automap Pro 3.4 by StrangeFreak (published on may 6, 2010)

2 Decks, EQ (with kills), Browse, Loops, 2 FX units
On 2 pages in group: mixer (channel 1)
An image of the mapping is included in the zip!

I used the above mentioned soft- and hardware to create this mapping. It should be compatible with all SLMKII's and ReMOTE SL's

The ZeRO SLMKII is a bit of a outsider in this list: the layout at the left side of the board is different from all other models, the mapping was not intended for this different layout and may appear less intuitive. The good part is, the ZeRO SLMKII has a crossfader which all other models lack. For the use of the fader as Traktor's X-fader, assign it to CC#34 in automap.

This mapping comes AS IS. Even to me it is a work-in-progress. I might change the mappings whenever I feel it should be changed. I encourage you to do the same. I created this mapping as a 2-deck mapping, solely because I have a 2-deck DJ-style. If you want a 4-deck mapping, go ahead, create one. Use my mapping as a starting-point if you like!

Note on awkward endless rotator behavior:

The two encoders in the browse-section should have been implemented as endless rotators, but due to the incompatibility between the Automap implementation of increment/decrement and Traktor's relative encoder modes (7Fh/01h or 3Fh/41h) this is currently impossible to do. I settled for the current settings because as long as you turn the rotator clockwise only, it works just the way I want. If you are as fed up with this limited implementation of the endless rotators as I am, send an email to Novation requesting for user defined increment/decrement values for the endless rotators in any future version of automap.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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