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Sunny Haair

I've been a committed Novation user since I picked up the original Launchpad when I first started using Ableton Live in 2012, so as soon as the Launchpad S was announced I pre-ordered one. The hardware ID feature definitely influenced me to buy one since I use a few Launchpads, but the main thing that made me pick one up was the LED upgrade. Obviously having brighter lights and two power modes is nice, but the fact that I don't have to deal with rolling shutter on camera anymore is a dream true.

After I picked up a Launchpad S, a lot of our readers were asking about differences between the two so I decided to put together this video highlighting them.

The Launchpad S weighs less and has a smaller footprint than most other controllers, so I'm able to put it in my bag and take it everywhere with me. Whether it's on the desk in my studio space, the table in my bedroom, the passenger seat of a car, or even in the kitchen of a relative - it (or it's little brother - the Launchpad Mini) is always right beside me when I'm in a DAW. Thanks to some custom scripting work by Henri David and Fabrizio Poce I've been able to expand the role that Launchpad S plays in my creations. Henri's work on the Launchpad95 scripts breathed new life into my Launchpads (and thus my creativity in general) by turning the grid in 'User 1' into an isomorphic keyboard, adding a step sequencer, adding a device controller, and still retaining all of the great native functionality that made me buy a Launchpad in the first place. I've demonstrated the script collection in this video last year. Fabrizio's work on his J74 ISO Controllers package lets me use the grid of the Launchpad S as an isomorphic keyboard in any MIDI compatible software, so now I'm able to use my Launchpad S with Cubase, Reason, and various other MIDI programs like I always dreamed of being able to.

As a controllerist, implementing elements of live performance into my productions not only helps me compose in a more intuitive way, but it also helps me avoid the future stresses of worrying about how I'll recreate certain things in a live setting. Launchpad S fills that role perfectly because it's powerful enough to use while producing and portable enough to use while performing; it's because of that versatility and it's affordability that whenever someone asks me to recommend a controller, "Novation Launchpad!" is the first thing I say.

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