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Tue, 2013-06-18 14:22

This is a mapping for Omnisphere I have created.
It has 2 files inside.

1. Omnisphere.automap, and
2. Omnisphere.midiLrn

1. Load the Omnisphere.automap through automap and then select it to be the default control map for the client (you can do that through the file menu).

2. Copy the Omnisphere.midiLrn file to either :

HD/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Presets/MIDI Learn/


User/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics/STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Presets/MIDI Learn/

(This depends on wherever you installed your Omnisphere library).

Now the most important part (also the most irritating) is to load Omnisphere.midiLrn file in every instance of omnisphere in every project that you might work on.

There are five pages of mappings. I've tried to divide the sections to diff pages:
1st is for the Multi page in omni.
2nd for Filter
3rd for Oscillator
4th for LFOs (only first 4)
5th for Envelopes

There are a few random mappings:
like Arp On/Off is on page 3 and Layer A and B levels are on page 2.
So do check it out fully to know of other random maps.

Ive only added mappings of Aux 1 for each of the 8 multis. Would request you to add the rest yourself.

Its very easy.
First select the crosshair at the bottom of the omni (next to the Red A) so that it becomes red and you are in Automate Once mode on the automap window.
Next right-click on the knob or slider on omnisphere that u want to map and select 'Enable Host Automation'.
Next move the knob or slider on omni.
finally move the knob or slider on the SL that u want to map it to.
Now u have to move the knob or slider on SL fully in both directions till you see the corresponding knob or slider move in omni.
That should do it.

Mail me if you're finding this too confusing and ill try and help you out.
my email is

Have fun with this kick ass plugin and your novation.

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Gautam Kaul
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