New: Launch Control XL standalone MIDI implementation |

New: Launch Control XL standalone MIDI implementation

Following a recent firmware development, Launch Control XL can now be used to control external hardware without a computer, using a USB host-to-MIDI converter — such as the Kenton MIDI USB Host, or iConnectMIDI 4+ — to provide full MIDI implementation, with standard 5-pin DIN connection.

This is a huge development for hardware users who love the amount of controls that the Launch Control XL offers, but who do not want or need a computer in their setup. Here, CALC is using the Launch Control XL and Kenton MIDI USB Host to control his the Elektron Octatrack.

The free software editor for Launch Control XL lets you program up to eight pages of parameter assignments and save them to your device, for computer-free operation. In CALC’s setup, he can control parameters on any of the Octatrack’s eight audio tracks using the different pages on his Launch Control XL.

CALC (aka Chris Calcutt, Novation Product Specialist) says, “I have the Launch Control XL faders permanently assigned to the Octatrack track volumes, which on its own gives me a huge amount of extra control. But then I have eight pages of other parameters, one for each of my audio tracks, which gives me a really deep level of control.”

In another related update, the recently released FH-1 module from Expert Sleepers turns the Novation Launch XL Control into a very powerful standalone Control Voltage sequencer for your modular synth, it also turns your Launchpad into a 8-part step sequencer, perfect for programming drums or trigs.

Here, Novation Brand Manager Nick De Friez takes you through the basic operations. For more information please visit Expert Sleepers.

Posted 2 years 12 months ago

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