Introducing Circuit v1.3 |

Introducing Circuit v1.3

Within days of Circuit landing in the hands of music makers across the globe, it became clear it wasn’t just inspirational for making music. It seems as though everybody who gets hold of Circuit has something to say about what it could be - as well as how great it already is, of course. We’ve received ideas and suggestions via the Circuit owners Facebook group, email, telephone -even snail mail.

The free v1.3 firmware update for Circuit groove box makes it more streamlined and powerful than ever. The update, which is available now via the Circuit Components suite of browser-based tools, delivers several feature requests from the dedicated owners group, plus a number of new tweaks that offers news ways of sequencing and performing with samples.

Sample Flip

The brand new Sample Flip function lets you change the sample selection per-step. In previous versions of Circuit firmware, only one sound could be used on each drum track. Now, you can select a completely different sample for each step in a sequence across all four of Circuit’s drum tracks. You can now have both a kick and a snare on Drum 1, freeing up other tracks for additional instrumentation or sample playback.

This totally transforms Circuit’s drum and sample-programming functionality and opens it up to new styles of music.

Sample Audition

This commonly requested feature lets you play and preview your samples without programming them into a pattern. In the studio, this speeds up the drum-programming process immensely due to the speed at which you can audition sounds.

On stage, you can live-play any sample along to your existing drum patterns, using Circuit's velocity-sensitive pads. Let the finger-drumming commence.

Session Colours & Single
Session Backup

Using the Circuit Librarian part of the Components suite of browser-based tools, you can now change the colour of the LED that represents your Session on the Circuit hardware. This means you can use colours to differentiate styles, pink for House, orange for Techno, for example, or to discern between different sections of your songs: green for intros, purple for main sections, say.

Sound management

We’ve also upgraded Circuit Components. You can now rearrange the position of your uploaded samples, making it even easier to organise your sounds. You can, for example, group similar sounds together to make it easier to remember which sample is on which pad. (For example, you could have kick drums on row 1; snares on row 2; vocal snippets on row 3.) Looking for samples? Check your account. We've increased the free Loopmasters content available to all registered Novation hardware owners from 1GB to a whopping 4GB.

Also, new with Circuit v1.3 is the facility to manage sessions individually, rather than in a batch of 32. Circuit collaborations just got a whole lot easier.

Posted 2 years 1 week ago

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