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What would I need to use the template editor for?

There are a total of 40 template slots on the SL. Slots 1-33 are manual (non automap) templates, these templates are for controlling hardware/software devices using the traditional method, midi data travels one way, always from the midi controller to the device.

Whereas slots 34-40 contains the Automap templates, and it is intended to control software DAWs/plug-ins, it is unlike the traditional method because there is a two way communication, the SL communicates to the computer and the computer will feedback data to the SL.

The SL Editor is for editing manual (non automap) templates 1-33, it has NOTHING to do with Automap. To edit a manual template, you'll need to find out the relevant midi CC number (normally found in the manual of the product) and assign it using the editor. Then you can save these templates as .syx file and transfer it to any slot between 1-33.

Automap (templates 38) automatically maps out these parameters for you and save you time finding out these midi CCs yourself.

If you wish to edit the mappings of the Automap template, you'll need to use the GUI of the Automap Server, or it can be done using the bottom row of buttons on the right, more info can be found in the Automap, available to download here.