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What is Automap MIDI and how do I use the Automap MIDI clients?

MIDI client explained

The Automap MIDI client was introduced into Automap 2 to accommodate the Nocturn, as the Nocturn has no other way to send traditional MIDI messages. However, the MIDI client in Automap server can be used with any Automap controller (except the Impulse which has its MIDI mode integrated) to send MIDI messages to software or hardware via a MIDI interface.

For many users this is a feature that may not be needed, as it is already possible to control most DAW software and plug-ins via Automap or using the manual MIDI templates on SL series of controllers, however it can be useful for quick and easy switching to transmission of MIDI messages, or for controlling MIDI hardware.

Set up for using the MIDI client

Enable a MIDI client:

By default MIDI clients appear in the user browser view of Automap. If you cannot see any MIDI clients, enable one by selecting settings>MIDI channel and then select a number to activate a MIDI client on the given channel. This will then appear in the user browser view of Automap however you can move it to a different browser view if you wish.

Configure input/output port:

- Sending MIDI messages to software:

The "Automap MIDI" MIDI port is a virtual MIDI driver which communicates between the Automap Server and any software that allows MIDI inputs and outputs. You should select this as the input and output port if wanting to send MIDI messages to a DAW or plugin within a DAW. You should ensure that the Automap MIDI port is enabled within the DAW.

- Sending MIDI messages to hardware:

If you want to use the Automap MIDI client to control an external hardware device you will need to assign the MIDI input and output of the Automap server to the physical MIDI port that you have the device connected to.

Using the learn function in the MIDI client

Automap enabled plug-ins communicate with the Automap Server using Automation messages, this is how the learn function works, and why certain plug-ins (Spectrasonics Atmosphere for example) do not work well with Automap.

The Automap MIDI clients learn function works using traditional MIDI messages, and will only work with devices and software that send MIDI CC messages when a control is moved. This is very useful if you have a hardware synthesiser or sound module that you wish to create a 'MIDI control map' for, and control using Automap. However, although some software applications (Ableton for example) will send MIDI controller data when controls are moved, most plug-ins and other DAWs will not send MIDI data when a control is moved, hence the learn function will not work if the Automap MIDI client is being used to control them. For software and hardware that does not send MIDI CC data, and that can't be controlled via Automap, you will need to assign controls in the Automap MIDI control map manually as you would when creating a manual template.