How do I program the knobs/sliders on the Remote for use with Arkaos? |

How do I program the knobs/sliders on the Remote for use with Arkaos?

Certain parameters of each effect in Arkaos can be assigned to respond to MIDI CC (control change) messages (some to pitch bend and mod wheel messages too), therefore it is best to use the Ableton template in the Remote since all of the controls are assigned to send CC messages in this template.  You can see the CC number each pot/slider transmits by watching the screen on the Remote as you move it or loading the Ableton template into the Remote Template Editor (available from the downloads section) and viewing it.  

All you have to do is select 'controller' for the effect parameter in Arkaos you want to control and type the CC number of the control on the Remote you want to use for it in the box.  You can adjust the control ranges and other parameters to suit your Arkaos instrument either on the Remote or using the Remote template editor.  

Make sure that the 'override MIDI channel' in the template common menu in the Remote is set to the same MIDI channel as Arkaos is set to receive on, or set Arkaos to Omni so that it responds to messages on all channels (all controls in the Ableton template will transmit on MIDI channel 16 if override MIDI channel is set to 'off').  You can also assign the mouse to send CC messages in the Arkaos preferences.

To find out which Arkaos parameters can be assigned to CC messages check out the Arkaos manual.