How can a parameter of a stored program be displayed? |

How can a parameter of a stored program be displayed?

There is a bar graph which is displayed next to a parameter name. When
this bar graph occupies the most screen space the original value has
been found. Alternatively turn the local control off. This stops the
K-Station from responding to its front panel directly. Instead, any
changes you make are transmitted as MIDI messages. Usually the local
control is turned off to enable a MIDI device to be used in a full MIDI
loop with a sequencer - it avoids a unit from receiving two change
messages, one directly and one via MIDI.

However if you set the K-Station local control to off and do not route
generated MIDI data back into the K-Station, then when you make a
change from the front panel, the stored parameter value will be
displayed. Remember to turn the local control back on once you have
seen all the values you need otherwise you will not be able to control
the K-Station properly - you will not be able to change patches for
example. See page 35 in the K-Station manual for full details on local