Can the ReMOTE transport buttons be used with Reason? |

Can the ReMOTE transport buttons be used with Reason?

Reason versions 1 to 2.5:

The transport bar of
the Reason sequencer will respond to incoming MIDI messages but the
controls do not have fixed MIDI messages which they respond to. Instead
they must be 'Auto Learnt'. The transport buttons in the ReMOTE
Reason instrument templates have been pre-programmed to send the
following MIDI CC messages:

Rewind - 112
Forward - 113
Stop - 114
Play - 115
Record- 103

All are set to control range 127-0, button type 'Momentary' and MIDI channel 16.

To assign the transport buttons on the ReMOTE to the transport functions in Reason take the following steps:

1. Open Reason with the ReMOTE connected and switched on and go to the preferences window.
2. Go to the 'Advanced MIDI' tab.
3. Ensure the ReMOTE is selected as the Remote Control input and exit preferences.
To assign, right-click (control-click on Mac) on the stop button in the
transport bar and select 'Edit Remote Override Mapping...' to bring up
the MIDI Remote window. Alternatively select 'Edit MIDI Remote Mapping'
from the Options menu, so that green arrows appear by all of the
assignable controls, and click on the stop button.
5. The MIDI Remote window will appear - ensure the 'Learn From Control Surface Input' box is checked.
Press the stop button on the ReMOTE (make sure that one of the
Reason instrument templates is selected first) - the 'MIDI received'
bar should flash and the correct assignment should be seen in the
parameter boxes in the MIDI Remote window.
7. Click 'OK' to close the window and then repeat the assignment process for play, record, forward and rewind.
Once complete make sure you turn 'Edit MIDI Remote Mapping' off in the
options menu but that 'Enable MIDI Remote Mapping' remains checked.

3 supports transport control. This will be enabled automatically once
the Novation ReMOTE has been selected in the "Control Surfaces and
Keyboards" menu in Reason 3 preferences.