Are there any more templates to download? |

Are there any more templates to download?

More templates for the ReMOTE are available for download on our website. If you would also like additional or replacement
template labels, these can be ordered direct from novation by
contacting us through the contact form in this answerbase.
The template editor for the ReMOTE has been released and is available
from the downloads section of this website. This can be used to create
new templates , as a template librarian and also to update the
operating system of the ReMOTE.

Click here to go to downloads page

There are also online user groups where template files can be shared, uploaded and downloaded. These groups are also a useful information resource.
Follow this link and search for Novation:

Yahoo Groups

With the latest beta version of the ReMOTE editor you can also load templates from other Novation products into the editor and send them to your ReMOTE, this new editor can be found here